iSmartAlarm Preferred Package iSA3 Home Security System

DIY iSmartAlarm package - IOTiSmartAlarm Preferred Package is a convenient and …

… very effective DIY method for monitoring a home. With iSmartAlarm wireless sensors installed easily access real-time feedback data on your iPhone, iPad or Android devices using the iSmartAlarm app – no subscription required.

The central hub of the iSmartAlarm system is the CubeOne, which connects by cable directly to your home’s router and coordinates the activities of all connected sensors and devices on the system wirelessly. It’s possible to control an almost unlimited number of easy to install and noninvasive iSmartAlarm sensors.

The iSmartAlarm preferred package comes with:

1 CubeOne Hub (with siren)
2 Window/Door Sensors
1 Motion Sensor
2 Remote Tags
2 Sensor Stickers (for a yard or window)

You can also buy additional sensors, switches, and cameras.

What does the iSmartAlarm work with?

The iSmartAlarm is a stand alone alarm compatible with Wi-Fi, IFTTT and Amazon Alexa. Compatible with iOS 5.0 or later versions of iPhone or iPad  – although the iPad won’t be able to receive phone call alert, SMS alert and verification codes). No subscription required. For US and Canada only (limited services to area code 867 and 907). Learn more about compatibility.

iSmart Video Camera and extra sensors also available:

5 new from $144.52
Free shipping
5 new from $92.11
2 used from $75.00
Free shipping
6 new from $54.71
1 used from $304.30
Free shipping
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